Our Mission
Lets be honest: Most educational games are really bad. They are simple, boring, and devoid of anything that could honestly be called "fun."
We want to change that. InterAction Education is committed to creating educational software for kids that is engaging, inspiring, and above all FUN for kids around the world. We want to explore the intersection of education, gaming, and digital technology to design rich and exciting learning apps for kids. As part of a growing movement to bring more games into the classroom, InterAction Education hopes to further the use of digital games and emergent technology to help children learn.

Adam Coccari - Founder
InterAction Education was created by Adam Coccari, an elementary school teacher and math instructor from California. After teaching fourth and sixth grade for a few years, Adam became passionate about teaching children through games and interactive media. The inspiration to create Math Evolve came from his years teaching 4th graders multiplication and tutoring students using online games. Adam spent many years playing games as a child, and felt that he could create a superior learning experience for his students. He started InterAction Education with the mission of making games are fun and exciting enough for today's digitally savvy youth. He is currently teaching at Seven Arrows Elementary School in Pacific Palisades,
Clinton Bopp - Lead Designer
Clinton Bopp was born in New Zealand but now lives in Los Angeles. His artwork is inspired by his surroundings, people, and places he visits. He creates art that communicates messages and stories, usually working with acrylic, spray paint, oil paint, and pens. He paints mainly on canvas, but also creates murals for public and private clients. Clinton is the lead designer behind Math: Evolve and the inspiration for its style and presentation.

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